About Us

Bob Banker an Artisan of home improvement is dedicated to express craftsmanship in the hanging and removal of every type of wallpaper. As a trained installer, with 35 years experience, we specialize in the advancement of quality installations of wall coverings for residential and commercial environments.

Make your home into a truly personal space. With individuality as a theme, you can achieve full self expression by taking advantage of the latest design techniques and extraordinary craftsmanship of Paperhanging by Bob Banker. We install all wall coverings – grass cloth, leather, fabric, sand, glass bead, traditional, and nontraditional patterns and papers. Those produced locally, nationally,And so many from around the world. In the last year or two, we have installed wallcoverings in homes, offices, farms, pool houses, barns, boats, and a 18-wheeler. Homeowners should also consider that no job is too small for us. Small spaces such as; closets, bookshelves, columns, soffits, ceilings, doors, and even some furniture make a huge statement when wallcovering is added.


If there’s one job you never want to do, it’s taking down that old or damaged wallpaper. Luckily for you, Bob Banker and his team specialize in removal and repair. No matter what kind of wallpaper is involved, we have the expertise to get it down quickly.